we share the same sky : The podcast


Release Date : September 29, 2019

curriculum release date : November 10, 2019

On September 29, 2019, We Share The Same Sky Podcast will be released in collaboration with USC Shoah Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to collecting and preserving testimonies from genocide survivors

The seven-episode series is created, produced and hosted by Rachael Cerrotti and tells the story of her grandmother’s Holocaust survival story from a third-generation perspective. We Share The Same Sky will be the first time that any of the over 50,000 Holocaust survivor testimonies recorded by USC Shoah Foundation will be turned into a podcast, marking a groundbreaking moment for Holocaust education.

The podcast will be available on iTunes and also intended to be used in high school classrooms as an innovative and contemporary approach to teaching Holocaust history. On November 10th, USC Shoah Foundation’s Echoes & Reflections program (a joint educational effort with Yad Vashem and the Anti-Defamation League) will release a dedicated microsite for the podcast on the USC Shoah Foundation website that will include extensive educational resources that will include curriculums, photographs, testimonial clips, readings, videos and audio.

If you are interested in bringing Rachael in to speak in your community or classroom, please reach out to her at : rachaelcerrotti@gmail.com

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