Know Thy History and Love Thy Neighbor

In my opinion, there are two ways to travel – one requires boarding a magnificent, metal flying machine that takes you around the world, dropping you in an unfamiliar landscape that will hopefully expand your perspective and challenge our adaptable egos. The other way to travel is through a story. Hearing the experiences, struggles, lingering questions, and imagery of others can bring you to an alternative time and place, usually one that is inaccessible in real time...

Our Shared History : The Spirit of Saving a Stranger

As a child, we often times hear our grandparent’s stories with little interest or empathy. We don’t understand just how significant their life experiences are in the creation of our own moral fabric. But, if we are lucky enough, we will grow to become adults, and have the space and time to explore the ways in which these intimate influences have come to define us...

The Most Cherished Strangers : My Life on a Danish Farm

You can not imagine how important is place, where people live, how much influence it give, how is it transforming. Here I am walking every day and singing and I do not miss anything. Of course it is not perfect, but when I came here I felt like “home“. It is so fine like “at home,“ so fine, so trustful and open. I don’t have any other word than “home."