The Most Cherished Strangers : My Life on a Danish Farm

You can not imagine how important is place, where people live, how much influence it give, how is it transforming. Here I am walking every day and singing and I do not miss anything. Of course it is not perfect, but when I came here I felt like “home“. It is so fine like “at home,“ so fine, so trustful and open. I don’t have any other word than “home."

Denmark : Finding Meaning in the Unexpected

I arrived in Denmark a bit over two weeks ago. My time in Scandinavia is the nucleus of this journey; Denmark is the country that saved my grandmother, not just once, but twice, and here resides the people who gave her not only a home, but a purpose during a dark time in history. It was in October 1939 that she arrived in Copenhagen as a naive child eager for an adventure. She was brought to safety here through an initiative with the Woman’s International League for Peace and Freedom, whom in collaboration with the Danish government, agreed to take in 150 Czech Jewish teenagers and place them with foster families on farms. Their goal was to learn agricultural skills and eventually make their way to Palestine, which only a few ever succeeded in doing...