United States of America

Coast to Coast - The End of the Journey

To anyone else passing by, I was a strange white girl staring up at a random house. But for me, this meant that my journey was complete (at least for the moment). This was the place where Hana began the next chapter in life, the one which brought my mother as well as two other children into this world. Just a generation later, Hana’s strength resulted in seven joyous grandchildren around her dining room table...

Along the California Zephyr

I took the California Zephyr. It was the most magnificent thing. It was a train with two floors. And it has all glass enclosure so you can see the whole countryside. I had never seen such a big countryside. I stopped in Chicago… I then took the train to Denver, Colorado and I decided that this is where I wanted to stay because it was so beautiful… I then thought, maybe I should see San Francisco first.”

Unfamiliar America

It is another world over here – a world where I know the language and am comfortable with the currency, a world where the recent federal court ruling regarding gay marriage is celebrated with incredible enthusiasm, and the hurt of the horrible June 17th shooting in Charleston stings the soul. I am back in America...